No Medium out May 7th


TVZ Cover of “No Place to Fall”

No Place to Fall // Written by Townes Van Zandt // Performed by Rosali, James Schroeder, Quentin Stoltzfus


On Spinster Sounds / Scissor Tail Records

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Rosali is the solo incarnation of Philadelphia-based musician, Rosali Middleman. Through songwriting and performances, Rosali shares resonant emotions and the authenticity of being, unveiling herself to connect with broad audiences. Rosali’s songwriting realizes life as rich and alluring melodies within the framework of traditional popular songwriting. Her 2016 debut album, Out of Love (Siltbreeze), shimmers with open expression. The ten songs on Out of Love weave intimate words, strong melodic and rhythmic structures, and mellifluous singing while hanging onto the free nature of the songs’ origins. Her music is all at once ethereal, familiar, unearthing, and expansive. Rosali’s full band, Rosali & the Middlemen, is a natural expansion of her psychedelic and enveloping sound. Out of Love was one of Uncut Magazine’s top 100 records of 2016, and Magnet Magazine hailed the debut as essential new music. You can also see Rosali as guitarist for Philadelphia trio, Long Hots. Her forthcoming sophomore album is out later this year.

“The stunning debut LP from Philadelphia-based artist Rosali Middleman, Out of Love is hard to pin down. It rolls like an omnipotent fog through the canyons of Topanga, smothering the once-bohemian enclaves of East / West Village NYC, all the while blinding every vibrant peak ’n’ hollow from the Ozarks to the Appalachian Mountains. The guitars are sublime, with occasional flickers of higher-key psychedelia punctuating the breathless, reflective cadence that is Rosali’s transcendent delivery.
While drawn from personal catharsis, Out of Love achieves that uncanny ability to speak to us all. It’s LZ IV, stripped of its pomp and circumstance. This time it’s more about the triangle / pyramid symbol found on the inner sleeve than the man with the bundle of sticks on the cover. And if you know what I’m talking about, then twist ’em up, ’cause summer ’16 is the year Out of Love takes on a whole lotta love.
Rosali has shared the stage with Meg Baird, Kurt Vile, Mary Lattimore, Purling Hiss, as well as many other local luminaries.” – Tom Lax, Siltzbreeze Records

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